Stepped down for good

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Hey so I haven’t been on this thing in months so here is an update for those who follow this don’t know who does still by I’m done I turned in the keys to Life Church in december and said idk if I’ll be back an I won’t I have 3 months till I leave for college and move on with my life so I’m done few knew b4 now that I was done but I am. My life has moved on I’m a teen time to be one while I still can I loved it while it lasted but now I’m getting ready for college. I frankly don’t have time to serve right now! I still go to church but don’t serve unless I’m asked to there but that’s how I like it. I loved the getting up at 0600 with chris to run tech and working with alex and karl but I’m done till college is over. I also have other reason for not serving anymore but those aren’t to be spread on the world wide web but if u must know email me and we can talk about it lt. So so long to serving in the traditional sence and yellow to the world of the quiet work the unseen unknown worker of god the way it was mean to be for me I think!


Danelectro Fab Metal Pedal Review

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So I was given a Fab Metal, thanks Karl, that totally rocks. I got it on saturday and plugged it in to just hear it a bit and it sounded good but today I got to tweak the Level, Gain, and Tone levels on the little pedal. I have got it to where I like it. It is got that distinct metal sound or as my buddy says “It has that metal up your ass sound”. Dont know why he says it like that probably because that was supposed to be the title of a metallica album but no dice. Anyway the pedal is just a beauty it sounds great it has the strong distortion that I love it is just perfect for a first pedal. From what I can see on the net it is a cheaper pedal which is a plus because it just means that you get a good sound for a good price.

This is the only Distortion pedal that I have so there is no shoot out sorry guys but soon i will post an other because i am going to order the Danelectro delay pedal latter this week so stay tuned for a review of that and maybe an mp3 soon of some just messing around who knows. But for sure once I get the pedal i will do a review and let you know if I like it or not and what not.

Oh and don’t forget all the guitar equipment I purchase is through the Stout family and their online store go check it out. then you just have to register through their site and you are set to start shopping!! Thanks for supporting the stout store and thanks for reading.


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So I went to the fry-a-thon this year and it rocked. I will go back to the trip for many years to come. I got son decent footage of a few people while they were wakeboarding and other people got good pic footage of the fry-a-thon as well so I will be getting the video ready for Sunday and Steve.

The video will be to music and all so look for it on Sunday people!! Alright peple I will update you all later on in the week with how the video is comming along and maybe post it early depending on when I get it all done.

Bass vs. Guitar

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So I pluged in the Johnson into Karls amp today and it kicked ass after I got it retuned because it was all out if tune because I was jamming last night on new strings!! So it sounded great on the divided by thirteen with new strings and all. I was able to get some nice clean tone from it but I’m still not used to how the analog signal sounds so when I was playing I had to change the settings a bit on the guitar to get the same sound I wanted as I had on the solid state.

So with that done and over with I picked up the bass karl had there and I do have to say I suck at bass but then again it was the first time I had ever played it too! But I do have to say bass is nessecary but guitar is mor fun. But I think I will probably pick up a cheap bass just to mess around on.

Over all after playing Karls les Paul style guitar vs the Johnson strat that I have I think that I will switch over to a les Paul style for my next guitar it just has more ioc what I’m looking for. The reason I like the les Paul style is I listen to a lot of metal and hard rock and it just gives me that sound plus j can get the worship sound from it as well.


•May 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

So I got to try out karl’s new divided by 13 amp. Yaya I know way out of my price range right!?! Well he let me play my guitar on it any way, tottaly sounded great!! The guitar fared really well me not so much I just really need to work on speed and timing.

But over all u liked this amp of his better than his holland that he was using before hand! The divided by 13 just has that sound that just grabs the mind and says you love this and it is true!!!

So after I unplugged the guitar and came home I descided to bust out the practice amp,the only one I have right now, and started to jam well discovered that the amp really does not like high volume and low notes going pretty fast through it it just shuts down and it is a solid state amp so I knew I didn’t blow a tube or something but it still took me 10 min to get it to work again. The one good thing I got out of it the strings are nice and lose and sound a lot better than the old ones and sound broken in which is good. But that is one of the things I don’t have down yet is tuning!! Anyony have any special tips on how to learn to tune by ear??

Future in ministry

•May 3, 2009 • 1 Comment

So we went to jenifer whites house today and we some how got on to the topic of college and future and I said that I wanted to go in to full time ministry. Well my aunt tried to shoot that down quicker than lightnig strikes and it got me thinking how should I truely go about this?!? Serving god is the only place Ive truely felt like I was making a difference in someones life. Doing gods work.

Just maybe with all of our tech and bells and whistles at church just maybe I can help bring somebody to Christ.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m coming to the point in my life were I need to make decisions that will shape the rest of my life. I want to go in to full time ministry or so I feel. So I am asking you guys what I should do?

The past few days

•May 2, 2009 • 3 Comments

So as most of you known an ipod touch for my birthday but only some of you knew that I got a guitar too! Well got it andvit needed a bunch of stuff which I got thanks to Chris Stouts company which is awsome I got a gig bag cheaper there than guitar center which totally rocked. I also got strings and eveything else that I needed.

If any of you guys need guitar equipment or supplies hit up chris he will Hook you up and on top of it getting delivered on time and what you want also the real kicker is that they have a bigger selection than guitar center or it seems to me! Go check it guys you won’t regret it.